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Sinowin Opto-Electronic New High Power LED Packages

The author:Sinowin Opto-Electric  Time:2018-03-20

Sinowin Technology, small and medium power LED light source packaging manufacturer, today announced that the company starts to produce high-power LED packages (2835 Series) featuring 170 lumen per watt

In addition, Sinowin Technology has established a product line-up that encompass all ranges of color temperatures and rendering, including warm white (2700K), neutral white (5000K), cool daylight (6500K), and High CRI (CRI>90). Customers can apply these products for their use in LED lighting.

The LEDs should be kept at<=40℃&<=60%RH and LEDs should be soldered within 72 hours after opening the moisture proof package. Unused LEDs should be placed in the original moisture proof package which must be re-sealed again. If the moisture absorbent material has expired, the package should be baked at 70℃ for 12 hours.

The LEDs electrode and leadframe comprise a silver plated copper alloy. This silver surface may be affected by its surrounding environment. Please avoid conditions which may cause the LEDs to corrode or discolor. The corrosion or discoloration might lower solder ability or affect its optical characteristics.

Please avoid rapid transition in ambient temperature, especially in high humidity environments where condensation can occur.

Sinowin Technology will further stay focused on developing high performance and value product .


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