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Enterprise Mission

Create opportunities for staffs:Our company insist to recruited staff on a fair basis ,and actively organize internal and external training; to provide staff with a promotion channel.

Create value for customers: Our Company adhering to the principle of the supremacy of customers, and constantly develop new products. We improve customer satisfaction through the creation of product value for customers, service value, value, image value.

Create Win-win cooperation for partner: At so far, our company has developed a number of long-term cooperation of high-quality suppliers, and built a strategic partnership in order to find better solutions to meet customer needs.

Create effectiveness for society: Our company insists to contribute to the community through create more employment opportunities for the community, and to pay more taxes, fulfill environmental obligations, help the economically disadvantaged groups.

Core value:

Satisfy customers: whether we can meet customer needs is the only criterion for testing all performance.

High quality and efficiency: Our goal is to supply high quality service and efficient speed.

Loyalty and unity: Loyal to the group and help each other

Grateful and committed: keep the heart of gratitude and work dedicated.

Sustainable innovation: Innovation is everywhere, and all the time. All the activities we do are followed by innovative ideas

Diligent and thrifty: Under the company’s mission, we never spend a penny.

Management philosophy

Enterprise vision: Building the first high-quality LED optoelectronics brand in China.

Market concept: Fall behind or drop

Brand positioning: the professional manufacturer of encapsulation on small and medium power LED light source.

Talent concept: people first, reputation first, talents first


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