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"Sinowin Technology"  has also made great achievements in research and development of patents: a total of more than 90 patents have been applied for, and 72 have been authorized; 7 invention patents have been applied for, 4 invention patents have been authorized, 46 utility model patents, and 5 design patents have been authorized. At the same time, the annual investment in research and development costs 4-8% of operating income. There are 83 R&D personnel, accounting for more than 1/4 of the total number.

 "Providing the world with high-efficiency and energy-saving optoelectronic products, so that every household can live in a green and environmentally friendly light environment" is the eternal glorious mission of  "Sinowin Technology" . In the future, Zhongzhi Optoelectronics will continue to lead the reform and development of the industry, build an environment-friendly and energy-saving lighting environment with hundreds of millions of consumers, and contribute to the popularization and development of LED lighting.

 As a national high-tech enterprise and Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center,  "Sinowin Technology"  regards "innovative technology, excellent quality, and sincere cooperation" as the driving force for the company's development, and has high-quality performance in the fields of energy conservation and emission reduction, resource integration, and machine substitution. While attaching importance to independent research and development and improving the technological innovation mechanism, the company has successively cooperated closely with scientific research units such as the Industrial Technology Research Institute of Guangdong Huazhong University of Science and Technology, the Fifth Electronic Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and gradually embarked on a "production, learning and research". "The combination of LED optoelectronics continues to develop.


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